Bridging the Gap for Quadriplegics

and making accessible the world of opportunities

Acmobridge is an initiative towards uplifting healthcare, providing a solution for specially-abled people to help them gain control over their surroundings and thus become less dependent.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to improve Quality of life and integrate quadriplegic patients back in the society, so they live in the current world without having to rely on a separate set of devices especially crafted to counter their disability. In the case of visual impairments (vision disability), this bridge is called spectacles which makes it possible for persons with such disabilities to completely dissolve back in the society with normal beings. Likewise, our solution focuses on building the bridge (in this case an app), and with the help of this solution, quadriplegics can control the things they use in their daily lives like wheelchair, TV, AC, lights, doors, television, computer, etc.

Our Focus

Our main focus will be To Address the following issues

Skills & Livelihood
Privacy & Mobility


The areas it will help beneficiaries are

Acmobridge is primarily focused on transforming the lives of quadriplegics. Although it can also have a significant impact on other movement disabilities as well.

Control surrounding environment
like room temperature,
lights, etc
Can remove boredom as the
app can be used to play games,
control T.V
Can help in addressing privacy issues faced by quadriplegic as he will be less dependent on others

Our Approach

Our Approach Two way to address the problem

Appliances Specific
Create all appliances specific to the ability of each type of users like normal, SCI , Blind etc. (Impractical)
Empowering PwDs with appropriate tools (a bridge) so they can utilize the same set of things a normal person uses.

Our Solutions

Our solution is to provide mobile apps to users which they install on their phone. We increase the Quality of Life of a quadriplegic as this way their most important issues are resolved i.e